People First:
Your story first. The numbers second.

We’re a company that was always meant to be different. We’ve worked the long hours and the high pressure but something didn’t feel right. The priorities were wrong, and we wanted to fix it… In the work/life equation, we wanted to put life first.

We wanted to create a place that felt like home for our staff and clients, and most importantly we wanted to provide a service that focused on people not numbers.
That was the vision 13 years ago and it still beats true today. We’re growing a team who are driven by values, we’re building a client base motivated by the same things as us, and we’re only just getting started. We believe that wealth is more than just money and we’ve developed our company around that perspective. We provide every client with balanced advice, and if we wouldn’t do something ourselves, we won’t let our clients do it either. Everybody deserves quality service and expertise and at Key Choice, we’re committed to delivering it.
Our Team
Samantha Hamilton DipFP, CFP®
Certified Financial Planner | Director

One of the questions I am asked most is: “Do I really need to see a financial planner, what do they really do, can they help me?” Organizing and structuring finances is one thing, but for me it’s more about taking the time to plan.

Financial planning is just that, planning! You don’t buy a car without putting some thought into it; what type of car is best for my needs, what will it cost me, how economical is it to run, what will the service costs be?

Financial planning is about asking yourself similar questions, how can I make my hard earned salary work harder and more efficiently, am I making effective use of the tax system, how should I save, how much should I be saving now to give me the financial freedom I desire in the future. What happens if I can’t work, what are my choices?

At Key Choice Financial Solutions we assist you through a multi-step plan that is tailored to you, it’s your plan, your story, you make your future.

Most of us will keep a car around 5 years or so. Buy a house, live in it for around 8 years and we seek a substantial amount of advice from professionals before making the decisions on the purchase.

Yet we work towards retirement and “living the dream” for more than 40 years in some cases and yet don’t put the same amount of thought and professional advise into the equation? Why is that? It’s singularly the biggest financial decision we will make in our lives and yet some people fail to adequately plan for it. That’s where we can help.

Rachael Owen Conway
Admin Client Services

I have worked in the financial services industry for 15 years and enjoy all aspects of helping clients achieve their goals. I enjoy working at Key Choice and love that we can help our clients on a more intimate scale.

In my spare time my children keep me very busy with school and sporting commitments. I am a huge West Coast Eagles supporter and enjoy sailing on our family yacht

Shirley Price Admin Client Services
Admin Client Services

Although I am new to financial services, I have over 15 years of finance industry experience in Australia and overseas. I am enjoying getting to know our clients and assisting them with their financial plans and goals.

Out of the office I have three little ones that keep me busy. When I get the chance, I enjoy cooking and catching up with friends over a meal.


Why I love my job.

I love not going into the office every day!  Having spent the last 20 years running WA’s largest motorcycle hire and tour company I have spent most of my life outdoors. Having said that, over the last few years I have really enjoyed the challenges and rewards of being part of this great team of people and come to appreciate the skills and attributes of Samantha, Rachael, Yeny and Shirley.  They are all uniquely individual but share the same deeply caring and professional disposition.

Shirley Price Admin Client Services
Admin client services
National Advisor of the Year 2014
We’re extremely proud of our practice principal Samantha Hamilton and her achievement of winning both the State and National Adviser of the Year awards!